For my Capstone project, I approached the decisive problem of mental health and drug addiction in our communities. There are many factors that lead someone to a dependency or addiction to drugs, and, in combination with fentanyl, it is a deadly societal problem. Since addiction has a negative effect on such a wide range of people, designing a campaign that would encourage discussion and positive action was a challenge. After researching and reaching out to shelters and rehabilitation facilities, I noted a shortage of recovery beds in British Columbia and wait times of several weeks.

Through multiple stages of research, including creating public surveys; reviewing research papers; and speaking with advocates of the recovery community, I arrived at a strategy of using mixed expectations and wordplay to form simple statements. I chose vibrating, psychedelic colours to further disengage with negative stereotypes and stand out from other media. This allowed me to cut any theoretical budget for photos or graphics out, with an aim to maximize outreach.

A photo mock-up of one of three variations for my Recovery Advocates campaign.

Each bus shelter poster is based off of a surprise or misconception. 
"Rehab makes you richer"
The viewer learns that, in addition to the  general knowledge of the benefits of drug rehabilitation, money spent on programs has a direct and measurable effect on public spending. The first impression refers to the stabilizing, financial benefits of recovery programs.

"Rehab helps you sleep better"
The viewer reads about the intangible benefits that come from providing support to people looking to curb their addiction. The first impression refers to an obvious benefit of recover programs.

"Rehab makes you safer"
The viewer is shown to the idea of an overall safer communities around
rehabilitation facilities. The first impression refers to a general solution to a common misconception about drug use.
Website mockups
Bold, bright colours divide a basic website with facts and resources about rehabilitation initiatives and education.
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