Flightly empowers people to manage their air travel stress and anxiety through information, physical relief, and distractions.
Kyle Papilla and I noticed a lack of products aimed at helping millions of people deal with the irrational fear of flying,  while looking at "how-to" designs.
We proposed a flight kit that would include infographics and physical objects that could be used to calm anxiety. We researched common stressors and fears and their potential solutions, such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. We applied the principles to the writing, app design, and overall branding of the kit. We included calming colours and graphics as well as a light, friendly tone in the writing.
1 A bold, friendly header
2 A casual, hand written body
3 A confident, trustworthy subheader
Each typeface works together to find hierarchy, without stepping on each other's toes.
Each has a distinct voice, for conveying information in the right tone.

The colours in the Flightly palette are controlled, but diverse enough to highlight information, such as engine parts, in any infographics or diagrams. Neutral blues and turquoises create relaxation and a soft atmosphere, while punchy colours like yellow can shift the mood to be more positive. Warm greys and shades of beige blend the palette into a whole.
Info-graphics on the Inside of the Packaging
the back of the not-so-scary flight kit
Mobile Application
The companion app is used for reviewing trivia before or during a flight and for following breathing or muscle relaxation exercises. It can be used in airplane mode, when Wi-Fi is unavailable.
Below is a user-flow, showing the navigation flow between screens.
We decided to start with an open ended question, to gauge where our visitor is at and provide reassurance. from other answers from people with similar concerns.
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